Guilty pleasures, tunes edition

“Arizona,” Mark Lindsay. This song’s as bizarre as its back story. Before he went solo, Lindsay was lead singer for the gimmick band Paul Revere and the Raiders, whose members performed in frilly Colonial garb and tricorne hats. Lindsay wasn’t “Paul Revere,” a mistake many make. The real fake Revere was a crazed-weasel band mate who… Continue reading Guilty pleasures, tunes edition

Rockin’ in the freeform world

The Captain and Tennille’s “Muskrat Love” is the dumbest song ever recorded. This isn’t up for debate. We geezers who suffered through the abomination in real time (1976) were left to wonder how the Cap’n and his missus could get out of bed in the morning. The same goes for the quisling DJs who willingly spun… Continue reading Rockin’ in the freeform world