Guilty pleasures, pop edition

Aly & AJ. My usual defense against Disney musical acts is garlic toast and a crucifix, but I can’t keep Alyson and Amanda Joy Michalka out of my skull. The bangin’ Cali girls seemed manor-born to Disney back in 2004, when they signed with the affiliated Hollywood Aly (top) and AJ Records label. Aly was… Continue reading Guilty pleasures, pop edition

70,000 Wonder Stuff fans can’t be wrong

“We’re an alternative to the alternative, which is just a clever way of saying we’re the mainstream,” says Miles Hunt of The Wonder Stuff. “We’re just a pop band.” Being a pop band, though, places The Wonder Stuff squarely on music’s cutting edge. Pop is so old it’s brand-new again. The Wonder Stuff had been… Continue reading 70,000 Wonder Stuff fans can’t be wrong