Aces high

The Aces For a music journalist, it’s sometimes difficult to find a hook hefty enough to hang a story on. Utah alt-pop band The Aces is a hook emporium. To wit: They’re from Provo, within shouting distance of Osmond Lane, a street of mansions occupied by members of the famed entertainment family. Provo is in… Continue reading Aces high

Guilty pleasures, pop edition

Aly & AJ. My usual defense against Disney musical acts is garlic toast and a crucifix, but I can’t keep Alyson and Amanda Joy Michalka out of my skull. The bangin’ Cali girls seemed manor-born to Disney back in 2004, when they signed with the affiliated Hollywood Aly (top) and AJ Records label. Aly was… Continue reading Guilty pleasures, pop edition